How to Do Drop Shipping

1. Registration

Register at the Proberos Fishing website

2. Choose Products to Sell

Find profitable products and sell in your stores and/or on third party platforms

3. Get orders from your customers

Resell the products and receive orders to make your own profit.

4. Forward the orders

Create the order at Proberos website after you get an order from your Customer.

5. Customized shipment invoice

Customize the invoice with your information such as shipper name, company name and so on.

6. Barcode service

We can print barcode and put them on items and package free of charge for you.

7. Package shipped w/o supplier’s info

The package will be shipped to your customer without knowing any information about Proberos

8. Make a profit

You are free to set the price in your store with the profit at your sole discretion.


We provide pictures and videos to make your sales better